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Why Bodybuilders Love Winstrol

Winstrol is a brand name anabolic steroid that acts as a synthetic testosterone. The generic name for it is Stanozolol. It was first developed by Winthrop Laboratories. It is taken as a tablet. It has great results when taken by bodybuilders. This is especially true when it is stacked with other effective legal steroids.

The injectable form is favored by many bodybuilders compared to other similar steroids. This is because others are dissolved into oil before they are injected. Winstrol is dissolved into water. This reduces the negative side effects of the drug meaning that athletes can inject it on  a more regular basis as compared to other similar substances on the market. This is the reason that many bodybuilders choose to buy Winstrol.

Cutting Cycles

Winstrol For SaleWinstrol is most well-known because of its effects during the cutting cycle. The cutting cycle is when bodybuilders use steroids to cut fat. This makes their bulk muscles stick out more. This is what enthusiasts are referring to when they say that a person is “cut”.

Other cutting steroids have a tendency to change into estrogen in the boy. This isn’t the case with Winstrol. This reduces a lot of the side effects that comes with other steroids that do. The main one of these side effects is increased water retention. The reduction of water retention is one of the main components that makes it a great cutting steroid.

Low Androgenic Content

Winstrol isn’t very androgenic. While steroids that are low in androgens are ideal for some people using steroids, they are ideal for those that are stacking them. Synthetic androgens increase the activity in androgen receptors. This usually results in an increase in activity in male sex organs. Some may want this, but it does come with a lot of side effects. Steroids with a low number of side effects are much easier to stack.

Bulk Cycles

Winstrol is also used in bulking cycles, although it is not as common. Mostly as just part of a bulking stack. Those that use it this way should consume a protein-rich diet to enhance the effects of the Winstrol.


There are few obvious benefits that come with the ingestion of Stanozolol. It is proven to increase strength by enhancing the presence of lean muscles. Athletes that want to be stronger without getting too big should use it. This is why athletes in other sports use it and not just bodybuilders.

Buy It Online

There are many different websites that have legal Winstrol for sale. A quick search will tell you the different places that you can buy Winstrol online. If you are interested in a steroid that will make you stronger without a ton of bad side effects you should consider Winstrol as part of your cutting or bulking stack.